Hi there and thank you for stopping by my studio! My name is Kamil Swiatek and I’m an emerging artist from Toronto, Canada.

As a child I drew every day in class and I feared that I’d run out of places to draw and create art rather than getting in trouble for not paying attention. Though I was a good student, no one got in the way of my artwork because to me, art was everything and it continues to be today. My school notebooks soon became filled with sketches, doodles and drawings.

In my first year of high school I was accepted as an art major and was glued to my sketchbook. There were nights where I painted from dusk to dawn which in time it turned into the art you see today.

Though I am an artist and painter, I have many fields that I’m passionate about including fine art and commercial photography, writing short stories and poetry, sculpting in wood and metal and film. I’m also a huge hockey, video game and film fan along with 1,000 more things I love.

I’m currently attending OCAD University and entering my most exciting and final year. Thesis bound in Fall 2017 where I will produce my newest series of cognitive landscapes. Can’t wait to show you and thanks again for dropping by my studio!

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Curriculum Vitae

Art Education
2013 BA (candidate) in Drawing and Painting Major, Ontario College of Art and Design University, Toronto, Canada (expected graduation: April 2018)

1999-2003 Visual Art Major, Cawthra Park Secondary School, Mississauga, Canada

Solo Exhibitions

2013 Movement In The Right Direction, Sovereign House, Oakville, Canada

2012 Tactile Quality, Sovereign House, Oakville, Canada

2012 Footsteps, Season’s Restaurant, Oakville, Canada

Selected Group Exhibitions
2015 The Billion Dollar War Show, The Super Wonder Gallery, Toronto, Canada

2015 Super Naughty Show, The Super Wonder Gallery, Toronto, Canada

2014 Coffee Jitters/Warm Vision, with Lisaura Lobo, CJ’s Bronte Café, Oakville, Canada

2013 Oakville Artists Fall Show, The Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre, Oakville, Canada

2013 Sunnyside Juried Art Show, Sunnyside Pavilion, Toronto, Canada

2011 Doors Open, Sovereign House, Oakville, Canada

2011 Wine and Jazz, Sovereign House, Oakville, Canada

2011 Visual Arts of Mississauga Juried Art Show, Art Gallery of Mississauga, Mississauga, Canada


2016 Working Memory. “Window” (70-71). McLean Foundation Award, 2016. Print


2013 Dina Pugliese, Live Interview, Breakfast Television, Toronto, Canada, 31 May 2013


2013 Oakville Artists fall show and sale, “Oakville Beaver”, 25 September 2013

2013 Artist Kamil Swiatek paints in front of an audience, “Oakville Beaver”, 21 August 2013

2012 With Exhibit, Kamil Swiatek takes item off Bucket List, “Oakville Beaver”, 10 July 2012

2011 Kurek, Dominik, Doors Open in Town, “Oakville Beaver”, 22 September 2011

Print Media

2013 The Kiss, Scott E. Blumenthal, Loose Leaves Publishing (front cover)


Private Collections in Canada, United States and Europe


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