Photo Credit: Young-Jun Kim
Photo Credit: Young-Jun Kim

Artist Biography

Kamil Swiatek is a multi-disciplinary artist from Toronto, Ontario who has been painting since the late 1990s. Swiatek explores the theme of identity through the subconscious mind as an internal landscape. Painting, photography, drawing, sculpting, writing short stories, poetry and film help him understand and examine the inner workings of the subconscious.

He graduated in 2018 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drawing and Painting with a minor in Photography from the Ontario College of Art and Design University. He has shown his work in local galleries in Toronto and the surrounding areas.

Artist Statement

I explore the spontaneity, movement and transcendence of a moment, capturing the now as it fully engulfs as a landscape of the human subconscious. Sensory processes are heightened and intensified. A tranquil stillness emerges and I’m elevated into a meditative state that delves below the surface of awareness; an uncharted environment of identity.

Working intuitively, I embrace a certain loss of control as the sensation of time and space dissolve; an escape of rational control into the subconscious. This metamorphosis into the depths of identity is communicated visually through mark making, texture and colour.

Curriculum Vitae


2018 | Bachelor of Fine Arts, Drawing and Painting Major, Photography Minor, OCAD University, Toronto

2003 | Regional Arts Program, Visual Art Major, Cawthra Park Secondary School, Mississauga

Solo Exhibitions

2013 | Movement In The Right Direction, Sovereign House, Oakville

2012 | Tactile Quality, Sovereign House, Oakville

Selected Group Exhibitions

2019 | Artworks 2019 Exhibition, OCAD University, Toronto

2018 | Northern Tendencies, Propeller Gallery, Toronto

2018 | Moving Within While Looking Out, Beaver Hall Gallery, Toronto

2018 | Experiencing Perspectives, Mercedes-Benz Financial, Mississauga

2018 | Upstart Exhibition, Super Wonder Gallery, Toronto

2018 | Graduation Exhibition, OCAD University, Toronto

2018 | The Big Draw Event Auction, OCAD University, Toronto

2015 | The Billion Dollar War Exhibition, Super Wonder Gallery, Toronto

2015 | Super Naughty Exhibition, Super Wonder Gallery, Toronto

2013 | Oakville Artists Fall Show, The Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre, Oakville

2013 | Sunnyside Juried Art Show, Sunnyside Pavilion, Toronto

2011 | Doors Open Exhibition, Sovereign House, Oakville

2011 | Wine and Jazz Exhibition, Sovereign House, Oakville

2011 | Visual Arts of Mississauga Juried Art Show, Art Gallery of Mississauga, Mississauga


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2018 | Experiencing Perspectives, Catalogue, Mercedes-Benz Financial, Mississauga. Print

2018 | PRAXIS Catalogue, OCAD University, Toronto. Print

2016 | Working Memory, “Window” (70-71). McLean Foundation Award, 2016. Print

2013 | The Kiss, Front Cover. Blumenthal, Scott E., Loose Leaves Publishing. 2013. Print


2018 | Artist Grant, Ada Slaight Fund, Toronto


Private Collections in Canada, United States and Europe